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As many of you know, Brian Tampol has returned to IMKING. Since he’s been back, i’ve been heavily influenced and motivated to become a better designer/photographer. One of the more recent things i’ve picked up from observing his work is that there is a lot of unseen, unique, characteristics about every landmark. I wanted to incorporate this idea while documenting my journey a as soul searcher. Although it was gloomy, it didn’t stop me and my friend from wandering the streets. Venice beach is known for being a cultural hub full of eccentricities; perfect place to go if you’re a tourist. I’ve been briefly introduced to Venice Beach in the the past, but after getting lost for a few hours, we are quite aquatinted now.


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I dont usually ever post things of this sort but I have had the most amazing week with the videos that I had to make sure to share with you all because I know for a fact it will make at least 95% of you smile today. So, enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


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We all embark on our journey to a healthier life on Monday so Polo decided to make our lives as unhealthy as possible until then and brought us donuts. So….what better way to eat donuts than to take selfies with them? Awesome. Happy Friday all! Go eat some donuts.


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With the plethora of “hood anthems” popping up left and right I think its safe to say that these two songs with IMKING fam, Rich Homie Quan are held in high regards here in the office. At any point in time you can play these songs and almost everyone here will break out in to some sort of dance. Big thanks again to Rich Homie Quan for rockin with the team.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Back 2 Tha Bay

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It’s only been two weeks and I’m heading up to the Bay Area again! This time I’m on the trip with some of the IMKING team. We are on a trip to do business, and also to participate in the Booger Kids “Party Cup” competition. The BK Party Cup is a beer pong tournament consisting of clothing brands, printers, store employees, restaurants, and more. It’s a gathering of friends to get together and get chocolate wasted. The people of the bay always show so much love and I can’t wait to making a bigger impact in the area.  Thank you to Booger Kids for having us So Cal kids at your event. Hopefully we make it out the first round at next years tournament.


We only rock with the “BEST”

Team #IMKING in the Booger Kids building!

Yes @AlexIMKING getting tatted.

Little Ricky of Breezy Excursion.

1 on 1!

Shout out to @Adapt for kicking my a$$ in Beer Pong.

Ramen Orenchi in San Jose is cracking!


You can’t go to San Jose without trying La Vic’s “Orange Sauce”

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