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Its always fun to watch your boss get dunked into a tank. that is all. Happy Sunday Kings!

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Shout out to Iman Shumpert for rockin with IMKING.

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So day in and day out Andy and I have countless requests for photo shoots and editing with all of the lovely ladies we provide you with for all of our drops and there’s really only one person who can really put up with us and her name is Marilyn aka Matafact, hence the title of this blog…clever of me huh? ( not really ). Well in a nutshell without her we would all be lady-less and looking at product wouldn’t be as fun so i wanted to make sure and let her know she is appreciated by us all. She is another one of those intern to employee success stories that really brings a tear to my eye especially because I personally got to watch her grow over the past couple years.

If you don’t know Marilyn she is not only one of our designers but has also doubles as a prosperous  youtube personality and was actually quite the star getting thousands of views and lots of cameos ( of course I will include the videos below ) from her hits like tits slang to her cover of the radio hit single “Buzzin” by our good friend Mann she fails to be anything less than incredible.

Here are a few behind the scene shots I took over the months for you to enjoy as well. make sure to hit her up and tell her how much you appreciate her photography just as much as i do.


And now for the pictures that I attempted to take but couldnt because Marilyn was being really picky and actually took matters into her own hands and decided to take 20 minutes to take 3 pictures she liked so I figured why not post all three!

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Please welcome our third installment of our Spring 13 Preview. I know all these previews are a lot to soak in but I want to make sure you guys get to see everything!

Block Hoodie

Block Raglan.

Creasly Tank

Creasly Tee.

Patchwork Tee.

Patchwork Crew Neck


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Im not sure if you remember but my buddy Adrian has been down with us for quite some time. I did a post about him getting his first pro board and to reiterate i was quite proud of the young lad. He since then has moved to New York but we still keep in contact via email and text every so often and he always sends me pics and footy from his random endeavors. This one in particular was low key pretty funny and didn’t quite make sense to me but it just looked like such an amazing summer day in California somewhere so I actually enjoyed writing about and 37º below 0 in my office right now. Hopefully it will give you the same warm feeling I felt when I watched it ( hopefully it was the video that gave me the feeling and not the yogurt i ate from Corner Bakery) Well, Enjoy!

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