Unfinished Business

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We have brought back our secret weapon, Brian “Tampon” Tampol. His return brings back a lot of great memories, and it also brings out our best work to date. He’s been back with us for a minute now, and we’ve been re-working this Holiday collection quite a few times to get it right. Brian is here to paint the portrait and deliver his genius work of art. His asthetic and vision is incredible. He sees things that I would never think of and I am honored to have him back. His refreshed mind brings back our hard hitting creativity ¬†with a refined touch. Going forward into 2014, you will see growth in IMKING. The needed change is what we’ve been working all year for, and Brian ain’t playing around. We’ve got unfinished business to settle.


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Join our good friends Martin and Son as they journey on their path to Eat St. tonight on the Food Network!

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Just like with fashion and life, I go through food the same way. The quality, the creativity, and the enjoyment. It’s always about finding something different for me. Something new, something unexpected. I do love showing the foods I eat with you, because it’s apart of who I am. We eat to live and we live to eat. The photos I eat below will hurt my waist line, give me diarrhea, and will probably make you hungry.

Trader Joe’s new Cookie butter with chocolate. If crack were a food, this would be it.

My buddy Jean dropped me off these new microwavable pork rinds. Genius!

Yummy yoga mat is back for a limited time!

Fritos in a burger? I did this stuff back in grade school.

My milky tonkotsu ramen with a side of gyoza.

Tsukemen “dipping style” ramen from Tsujita in Los Angeles. This is a MUST try.

Crazy Lays flavors from Thailand.

The new cereal! Cinnamon Toast Crunch is still the G.O.A.T. though.

Thai Tea float.

I’ll never be too good for Hometown Buffet


Inspire others

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I don’t get paid to speak at these panels and lectures. I don’t have to go out of my way to teach people what I’ve been through. These are things that I WANT to do. It’s wanting to help change lives. To give hope to the next generation that they too, can change the world. Even if it’s one person at a time, a domino affect can continue to inspire others. You’ve got to get them to listen and let it sink it.

I was asked by the ETC club at Cal State Fullerton to speak on a Fashion panel. I was up on stage alongside my buddy Nicholas You from The Attic, and Bana, the young and talented from BeInhabited. We got to share our opportunities and challenges in our industry. Seeing these students take their own personal time to hear us speak is an honor. Thank you for having me speak on behalf of IMKING at your event. It was a tremendous success.



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Today is a day we spend time thanking all who have sacrificed their lives day in and day out for our countries freedom. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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