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We are the NEW kings. We don’t wear gold crowns, we don’t sit on high horses, no servants, no round table, and definitely not sitting on a throne. We aren’t trying to conquer the world. We’re the KINGS of today. We are working to push ourselves, evolve creatively, form independance, and inspire others. The NEW kings are here. IMKING. Are you?

The change is coming. IMKING ARE THE NewKINGS. Holiday 2013

#NewRules #NewWorld #NewLife #NewKings #IMKINGareyou ?


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Death Taco

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Have you ever eaten something so hot, that it literally puts you in tears? I did. A grown man crying from attempting to eat this taco of destruction. At GenkiYaki in Lakewood, CA; You can order the “Death Taco’ which is beyond hotter than any hot sauce I’ve ever tried. The good part is that it’s a tiny taco that costs two dollars. The problem is that the spice punch that got me sweating for an hour. I’m always down to attempt a good challenge. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about the end result.


5526 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90713
(562) 496-3274

I’m trying to be with the Zombies.

You’ve got to be kidding me….

Yup! I’m gonna go for it!

What happens if I die? They will make you sign a waiver.

Ninja tacos without the spice.. Filled with chicken and beef.

Tasty ninja fries

This little “Death Taco” is a lot more dangerous than it looks.

One bite and I’m out!

This thing just burned all of my insides..



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As most of you in the action sports world know, last week LA hosted the Xgames again and as tradition holds, our good friends over at Vitamin Water threw quite the little shindig on the roof top of the Grammy Museum. It was a glutenous night full of music, food, drinks and even more amazing friends. It was honestly one of those random nights that you know you had fun at but can’t quite remember exactly what happened and your phones photos become the only recollection you have of what went on….yeah we all had fun.

John ( Left ) from Kiis Fm wasn’t sure how that ended up in his hand…..oops.

Dj Refelx ( Power 106 ) Held it down for all of us with the tunes for the night.

Polo, myself, Anita, Matagi capturing priceless photos.

BP (the Olympicks), Dj Mo Beatz ( Big Sean Official DJ/Heavy Hitters) and Willy T.

Chris Josol ( 722 Figueroa/Flagship Agency ) and Ms. Anita Herrera again ( Team Hennesy ).






King Kendrick

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A lot of people complain about the hip hop community today. Once in a blue moon, you come across someone who wants to come in and change it all. K Dot or as most of you know him as, Kendrick Lamar, is raps voice for the next generation. Making music his way and hearing it enjoyed by the masses at the same time. I met Kendrick back in early 09′ and has seen how much he’s taken music to new heights. Last night the world erupted as we heard the lyrics from Big Sean ft Kendrick and Jay Electronica’s song. A fire set to get everyone to step it up. To make hip hop competitive again. By calling out names. We already know Kendrick isn’t going anywhere and my ears are always to excited to see what he’s going to say next. #NewKings

Kendrick wants the crown now.

How he made everyone feel last night.

I’m in the booth working on my track now.

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