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The second day of trade show is always a little more mellow seeing as almost everyone went out and went harder than they should have…including myself but hey, who’s judging here? Right? The second day also really allows us to kind of unwind and really walk the show and enjoy what everyone else is bringing to the table since it isn’t AS hectic.

Travis Barker was posted at the Famous Booth sayin hi to everyone.

Willy T. making moves as always around the show. If you haven’t seen any of his visuals you are completely missing out so follow him on instagram now.

Wally ( The Ronin Network ), Doug ( FLUD ) and Holland ( Karmaloop).


Marilyn came in first place with lettin people know that they weren’t ready for this Jelly.

Thundercup and Blake from the popular demand team dropped by the booth to say what up.

Are they ok?

Chris and Jewls of the Leverage.

Went to the bathroom, came out and there was a mermaid, cool.

Young Maddy made an appearance.

The definition of Family. Breezy, Booger, IMKING, WLKN.

Ms. Karrueche Tran rocking some of our new sun glasses dropping later this year.

Travis Scott was making sure to stay low key walking around.

Agenda LV: DAY 1

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I know I’m late on posting the Agenda stuff and all but what I wanted to do was make sure you almost forgot about it so when you saw my post it was like seeing something new alllll over again. This was our first and almost everyones first Agenda Las Vegas so it was a little different. This show was definitely one of the better shows that I have attended in the last year and I’m pretty sure IMKING will be there to stay. Now the best part of this Vegas trip wasn’t even the show, it was the 9 hours that we all spent in traffic where we endured rain, fire and over 3,000 cars at a stand still on the 15 freeway. So enjoy our coverage of our journey to Agenda as well as Day 1 and make sure to drop by tomorrow to check out Day 2.

Nice shot Marilyn was able to catch.


Complete gridlock.

The Infamous Agenda sign photo.

Our sunglasses we did with The Ronin Network which were only available at Agenda LV.

The Booth.

G Pen Threw a little carnival with a few of your favorite brands inside the show.

The Rich Life Crew holdin’ down the fort.

Until tomorrow.



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No words needed. Enjoy your Monday.



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Our long time friend T. Mills has been grinding away on tour over the past year and every crowd I see him in front of just keep getting bigger and bigger everytime. Thanks for rocking with us in¬†Stroudsburg, PA and always supporting. Keep up the good work, it’s paying off.


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A few weeks back I was at the Orange County Fair and happened to walk into one of the art exhibits and discovered a talented fellow by the name of Jeff Gillette. I was honestly so shocked by his work and how much detail was involved with his pieces I had to make sure to document it. Now I’m not the most credible art critic but I’m willing to tell you that if you see Jeff’s name anywhere near your city, make sure to catch the show. I particularly enjoyed all of his Slum pieces which brought Modern America into a state of third world if that makes any sense. Well, I guess all you can do is take a peak at some of the stuff I shot and try to comprehend it yourself.

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