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I have been on a trip to the ATL for the last few days and I must say it has been some type of journey for me. I started my nomad trip at LAX last Thursday adn made my way through A3C weekend. If you are unfamiliar with A3C, it is a music festival that gives artists  a chance to showcase all of their new projects for fans and other artists of the same like. Fashion has also played a big part of the festival over the past few years and I had the chance to check out a few panels with some of my fellow colleagues of most of your favorite brands. The coolest thing about this trip for me has been me having the opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as make some new ones without even leaving my hotel.

As most travelers I know, it is…I guess you could say some sort of tradition to get McDonalds before you get on your flight. OR, I just like to eat bad food?

More airport food and the ever so longing for a a plug at the terminal.

Picked up my A3C official pass as soon as I landed. ( Side note: I hate wearing wrist bands for more than 1 day )

As soon as i woke up on Friday I headed downstairs to the ballroom of the hotel to catch some of my friends speak on fashion and it’s current state in the world.

God friends and long time supporters of IMKING, Mr. Sean Falyon (left) and Nathan of Dj Booth/Refined Hype (right) having 3 questions and 3 shots about hip hop.

The calm before the storm at the J. Cole show for his tour with Wale, Vic Mensa and Bas.

I was greeted by my buddy OG and escorted to the sound Board where I got the best seats in the house. Thanks again for the hospitality.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to catch any crazy photos at the show as I got a litttttttle caught up in watching everyone perform. Im not going to lie, I got lost in the show. Until my next days of recap. See you soon California!

Agenda Recap Videos

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I guess this is where we can insert the line “better late than never”. Here are some Agenda recap videos made from our brothers at WLKN & Breezy Excursion.

YouTube Preview Image


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A big thanks to our lovely friend Tessa for showing us how to stay warm during the upcoming fall season in our Marcel Pom Beanie. We also figured we would keep you warm as well by showing you how she stays warm more than once… three times. The Marcel Beanie will be available Oct. 18 at our Flagship store and online shop as well as all of your favorite IMKING retailers.

Dance Dance

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Random meetings of the mind are always the best meetings. It really allows you to think care free and creatively, especially because you aren’t going into it with a specific mindset. Now that I got my random thought out of the way, on to my visit to the World of Dance Head quarters where all of your dancing fantasies come to life with two of my favorite people that go by the name of Myron Martin and Vince. They always find time to come see me at the IMKING office so I wanted to make sure I took time to return the favor and see where all their work goes down. Fortunately for me they decided to push all of their “important” meetings back just so we could come hang out and just shoot the….well speak our minds and just relax for a minute. It’s been a great journey through life with these guys and this year marks 10 years since we’ve met each other and I can only hope the ride isn’t near over.

This is Myron, Im sure you have seen him around on the blog as he is one of the masterminds of the 10 second shot and this little old thing called World of Dance.

This is his mess.

Now meet my friend Vince, he likes toys, stickers and designing stuff. His Computer monitor set up makes me feel like im stuck in the matrix.

Vince likes toys just as much as Andy.

Fact: World of Dance is proudly sponsored by Jordan Brand.

The office shrine. The end.


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This past weekend Ant and I took a little road trip up to the bay area to participate in the Latin American Food Festival and I must say this was actually one of the best trips to San Francisco trips I’ve been on to date. Of course our trip wouldnt be a trip without stopping by San Jose to see our family from Breezy! Flip and Ricky (Breezy) were kind enough to entertain us while we waited for check in time at our hotel in SF. Meeting up with them is always an experience in itself and is always so fun that they really make you never want to leave but unfortunately a few hours later we had to say goodbye to the big SJ and head to the city. The rest of the weekend consisted of good food, great company and even better memories. A big thanks to nissan and the LAFF for having IMKING in your city.


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