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Last weekend marked the 9th Annual Vans Pool Party. Good thing I didn’t show up in a bathing suit cause it wasn’t the type of pool party i was thinking of. With a packed house, the Vans Skatepark in Orange was definitely the place to be if you love skateboarding. Thanks to Ryan Britt, not only was i vitamin water wasted but we got in as VIP. Now i can’t say i knew 100% what was going on because i don’t skate, but it was entertaining to see some of the world’s best riders compete. Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!


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Today we got the chance to stop by a few accounts on our way to Sema in Vegas and we had the pleasure of stopping by the biggest streetwear store I have ever stepped foot in. Imagine walking into an Ikea but instead of furniture theres every single shoe, hat, necklace, shirt and jacket that you could dream of,  now that you’ve done that, turn your dreams into reality and head over to Kings in Montclair.

A huge thanks to the staff for welcoming us with open arms and showing us around, Its definitely an honor to be a part of  this huge movement . Check out the shop below and make sure to drop by whenever you get a chance.


4889 Holt Blvd
Montclair, CA 91763


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There’s always a place you want to go and see when you are younger, a place where you feel can make all your dreams come true. For me it was Vans, a place that I was positive could breed unicorns that gave birth to an unlimited amount of half cabs and Chukkas, somewhere where you could skate around from desk to desk and everyones dressed in hawaii’n shirts. Well, the other day I went to visit my buddy Chris at his office and I got a personal tour. I can say first hand there weren’t any unicorns so everyone can breathe now. I wasn’t allowed to shoot in certain places but here is a peak of a few spots around the office.




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