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Earlier this month we launched a special remix contest along side @Dopeboyz and Coalmine Records; giving aspiring producers a change to remix Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s “On The Run” (which lives on their recently-released Highway Robbery LP). Soon after, our inbox was filling up and we ended up with over 100 submissions!

We were supposed to announce the winner on Halloween; but with the massive amount of quality remixes, we all decided to add another phase to the contest. Below you can click the photo to find a playlist of our Top 5 remixes and we’d like you to help with the voting process…

The Real Willy Wonka

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David Klein. The Candyman, the real Willy Wonka, and the inventor of  “Jelly Belly”. We’ve all dreamed of being Willy Wonka as a kid, but this man has truly lived it. The” Jelly Belly” jelly beans, has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. I don’t know anyone that’s never tried jelly beans. David today(along with his daughter, Roxy)continue to create new types of candy. He thrives off creating new products that excite him, keep him young, and keep him busy. I recently discovered a documentary on David Klein. It was featured on Netflix, called “Candyman: The David Klein Story.” Immediately after seeing the film, I reached out to Mr. Klein and he invited me to come check out the candy factory. An experience and story telling that I will never forget. The fun envoirment and bright attitude gave me a sense of relief. That no matter the situation, that a smile here or a joke there can fix a lot of tension. It’s a pleasure to meet someone that just wants to see others enjoyment.

No matter how old we become, we can hold on to the spirit of staying young. We can continue to be creative and break these invisible barriers. While we’re here in this universe, we must seek adventure.

“Human Pee”

We are searching for “Oompa Loompas”

David Klein and his daughter Roxy Klein.

Polo traded his t-shirt for candy.. I’m serious.

The world’s best kept secret… David Klein.. The Candyman.

Be sure to check out the documentary “Candyman : The David Klein Story” on Netflix or http://www.hulu.com/watch/371272


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I’m sure most of you know Marilyn aka MataFact from IMKING. She is our photographer, designer, and Pharrell fanatic. Marilyn has been with us for over three years now. We’ve seen her as an intern into working up to where she is now. Her skills and vision over the years have improved dramatically. Marilyn may be awkward and asks a lot .. and I mean A LOT of questions, but we love her the way she is. A loyal team member to the company and a great team player. We wanna spotlight, show some love, and put on blast…. MATAFACT


The sometimes dog whisperer.. The dog apparently doesn’t listen to her.

Sometimes pornographer

Using photoshop to put herself in pictures with really good loooking guys.

Yes Marilyn! You’ve been caught!

Discussing ways to sneak into Pharrell’s home.

Follow this mad woman on IG/Twitter @MataFact

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