JP Souza X Digital Skateboarding

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Over the past couple of month’s our very own JP Souza visited his hometown Curitiba, Brazil to film for Digital Skateboarding and Diamond Supply Co. This guy rips and is coming up really fast. Keep an eye out for him.

Digital Shout Out JP Souza from Digital Skateboarding on Vimeo.


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Dorell Wright from the Golden State Warriors showing his love and support rocking that IMKING ! Hopefully this darn lockout ends soon because I have no clue what I will do without an NBA season!


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I’ve been listening to Theophilus for the past month or so and have been waiting for the opportunity to check him out in his live performance. Fortunately, my buddy from Chicago that manages them for their west coast tour was in town and invited me out to kick it with them for the night. His performance was dope and Michael Jackson came back from the dead to sing a song or two with the band. To top the whole night off, Friendly Fires performed and closed the night out with an unforgettable set. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Mr. London, familiarize yourself with him!

A true American.

Sound check or else you will have no sound.

Andy loves Justin Bieber. Andy also loves Beats By Dre. Andy needs JUST BEATS .

Danny is part of the Kids These Days team which is part of a whole bigger movement called #SAVEMONEY which is part of something else that I’ll talk about in some blog in the future. Basically, they’re going to take over the world.

This is Stephanie from Beats By Dre. She made the whole room feel like summer. I should have taken a full body pic of her to show all of the bright colors that she was wearing. I’ll be expecting those Bieber headphones :)

Marc runs a blog called . He’s also knows more about hip hop than any other human being on this planet.

If you’re in need of a camera crew, Kruz is just the man for the job! His camera does amazing/magical things.

Show time.

Too cliche?

Good ol’ MJ

If you’ve been reading our blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then you know that we LOVE Kids These Days. This man right here, Demo, is the back end of everything and makes sure that everything goes well for them. We have some pretty cool projects coming out with them in the near future, so stay tuned!

These Eyes. -MC

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