Project MVMNT – Day 2

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Day two of our coverage was a bit of a blur for me as Vegas got the best of me and I’m honestly not sure what we took pictures of but I know they are interesting and I will do my best to run you through. Thanks Marilyn for taking over picture duty for the whole show.

The most unstable yet fashionable dj booth in the industry.

Tyga’s Last Kings Booth had security for the security. Where’s Frank Ocean when you need him? Wait……. to soon?

It’s not a trade show without live paintings.

Entree had the most amazing bean bag I have ever seen.


Andy thought there was food in the cases at the Radii Booth but then realized it was just shoes.

Some new new from New Era.

Apparently Matagi forgot to shave before he came to the show. weird.


The Joy Rich Crew.


Directors chairs…coming soon?


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Every year there are a bunch of trade shows that all your favorite brands new and old attend to show off their upcoming lines and projects. Tradeshows also give alot of us in this business time to catch up, party and take lots of pictures and leave with lots of stories. This time around I decided to take some photos of some of my long time friends who have been supporters of IMKING and have been nothing less than welcoming since day one of this crazy journey.

Meet Bee Nguyen (Pronounced – WIN)
A  marketing guru that has been in the game for a long time. I remember seeing him when i was still an intern at a independent record label called Sound In Color out of Long Beach. He now has his own company that he founded that goes by the name of Grand Tactics. They have served clients such as Belvedere, Activision, Honda, BET, Reebok and Gourmet and thats just to name a few. Bee is definitely a great force to be reckoned with.

Ramon – Bloodbath

Ramon has created a huge creative and well respected name for himself within this Industry by being one of the masterminds behind the line Bloodbath. We have been by each others sides to help one another for many years now. There is not one year that hasn’t passed where I can’t help but think how impressive things have gotten over there with him and his team.

Ray Mate – Mighty Healthy

For those of you who have some sort of knowledge towards the social media world this is Ray Mate ( @MightyHealthyNYC ). The, face of the Mighty Healthy.Ray has definitely been such an inspiring and humble person since the first day I met him. Make sure to follow his adventures through the world on instagram.


Ryan and Flip – Breezy Excursion

Now these two guys are what create a brand by the name of Breezy Excursion. These guys are the only people i know that are crazier than me. If you ever get the chance to hang out or party with them i suggest you run for your life, but if you happen to catch them on a regular day right after they wake up and have no intention on partying then they are great hahaha. If you are ever up north in the bay look these guys up you wont be disappointed.

Al – Mishka NYC

This guy right here was actually the first person I had met over at Mishka. I think i saw how tired he looked so i walked over to introduce myself and to give him a pair of our Beer Goggles. As im writing this there’s a small part of me that wishes he actually had a pair on when i took this picture because i feel like he is starring at me…….. ( long pause ) back to the subject, if you are ever in NY and looking to get a bit of a deeper tour of New York this is your man.

Fati – The Leverage

If you have ever wondered where your radii shoes have come from or how they got to the store, here’s your reason. This little gem right here is Fati, one of the newest members to join the Leverage Agency. Hands down one of my favorite reps in the game, Im sure she spent alot of time this trade show season making alot of buyers pick up things that they didnt plan on . Find her on instagram where you can watch her and her cat do frivolous things.

Moonshine – BGRT

I first met Moonshine outside of a random club in Austin Texas at a showcase for SXSW. I didnt know who he was at first but it was one of those things where his people knew my people so we were all peoples kind of thing. I ended up keeping in touch with him over the years and now he has a line out of NY called BGRT. Moonshine is always on the move or on his phone and this is all he left me with, a blurry picture and the memory of the craziest velour tank i have ever seen, well the only velour tank i have ever seen.

Max and Pierre – WLKN

Max and Pierre are both one of a kind dudes. Max ( left ) says he isn’t a model but I believe that to be some sort of conspiracy, I almost want to hire him to be in my look books. Max is also the only other person that wears Vans as much as i do. Pierre ( right ) is one of those guys who looks innocent and is always smiling but the truth of it is he’s actually waiting patiently to get you in the right setting to pounce and make you drink an enormous amount of Bombay. These two guys are the people behind a store called WLKN in Canada, If you are ever out there be sure to visit as it is actually one of the nicest stores I have seen to date.


Make sure to find all these hooligans on twitter and instagram as you wont be disappointed. If I cut anyone short on info Im sorry im still recovering from Vegas.



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Over the past year the team has been working endless days and countless nights in the office to ensure that both our current 2012 and upcoming 2013 collections turn out great. We are currently exhibiting in S.L.A.T.E. at the MAGIC Trade Show in Vegas and it’s one of the best times of the year where we are able to showcase all of the hard work put in. So far we have been receiving positive feedback on all of our upcoming seasons and cannot wait to unveil it to all of you sometime in the near future!

David explaining our upcoming Fall 12′ tees.

Lee showing some of our outerwear for the upcoming Fall 12′ collection.

Follow the man @chaseNgreatness

Life size Adam.


Mr. Attic himself.

The unicorn.

Richard (Orisue) Jenny (Attic) Mikey (Orisue)

Alfred has some Chubby Boobs

Chubby Butting.

Obed throws some dope parties out in Orange County. Tim runs DWNTWN.


Phi (Jabbawockeez) Kalani (XS).



Anthony and Lucas from the FNDTN

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