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Random meetings of the mind are always the best meetings. It really allows you to think care free and creatively, especially because you aren’t going into it with a specific mindset. Now that I got my random thought out of the way, on to my visit to the World of Dance Head quarters where all of your dancing fantasies come to life with two of my favorite people that go by the name of Myron Martin and Vince. They always find time to come see me at the IMKING office so I wanted to make sure I took time to return the favor and see where all their work goes down. Fortunately for me they decided to push all of their “important” meetings back just so we could come hang out and just shoot the….well speak our minds and just relax for a minute. It’s been a great journey through life with these guys and this year marks 10 years since we’ve met each other and I can only hope the ride isn’t near over.

This is Myron, Im sure you have seen him around on the blog as he is one of the masterminds of the 10 second shot and this little old thing called World of Dance.

This is his mess.

Now meet my friend Vince, he likes toys, stickers and designing stuff. His Computer monitor set up makes me feel like im stuck in the matrix.

Vince likes toys just as much as Andy.

Fact: World of Dance is proudly sponsored by Jordan Brand.

The office shrine. The end.


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The man you see pictured in this billboard has been a long time friend of myself and the the rest of the IMKING team. We have see him grow from this little shy guy into the blossomed flower of a dj that he is now. He actually came to me a couple weeks back saying he needed help with a photoshoot and needed it styled as well so I got together with Marilyn and put a little something together for him. Little did we know the photos we took were for a billboard on Las Vegas Blvd. ( look mom, we made it…..well he did at least ). So what I’m really trying to get at is we want to all congratulate you, Dj EFX for having your first big event, we all know you killed it last night.


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Our good friend Jeri Lee hit us up the other week and asked us to be a part of her Pastease show and I honestly really had no other choice to say anything else but yes for obvious reasons. It was definitely a very unexpected experience but in the most amazing and visual way I can think possible. But, I honestly think Im talking to much right now  so Ill just let you enjoy the rest of the post. Thanks Jeri!

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