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Cars have been a passion of mine ever since I was a little kid so anytime I get the chance to attend an event I make sure I’m there especially when its for these amazing machines. Our good friend John actually put together a special unveiling for the custom Vorstiener body kit for the McLaren mp4-12c. It was as if I died and landed in big brake and carbon fiber heaven. I know for most people speaking cars is like speaking a foreign language so lets all just take a look .

Just to give you an idea these brakes were about as big as small child.

Shout out to John for putting together a great event.



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All of us here for the most part have a deep love for cars, our guilty pleasure is all 6 of the Fast and Furious Movies and we all enjoy watching girls get yelled at by car owners for putting there inappropriate body parts on things they spent 78 hours polishing. So with that being said, make sure to come hang out with us this Saturday at Spocom in Anaheim at the Convention Center and enjoy some girls, cars and some giveaways from yours truly.


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For the past couple of years I have had some¬†fascination towards the art of drifting. I’ve always wondered what really goes on inside of the car and whats going through these guys heads when they are behind the wheel. The closest I’ve ever been to anything drifting was when my friends would try to do it in parking lots when I was 15 or ten feet behind a movie screen watching the cast of Fast and Furious drastically pull e-brakes and shift gears for no reason.

Thanks to our good friends Ceso and John over at Formula Drift, my requests were made into reality! I got the chance to head out to Irwindale for Media Day and Ride alongs with a couple of the drivers. As we proceeded closer to the track the anticipation of getting into one of the cars started to get pretty intense especially because every car sound like a dinosaur with a jet engine inside of its throat.

Thats not fog that’s the smoke from the tires.

Hi Ceso.

For those of you who have never seen a unicorn, here is one in the flesh

Brandon from Bespoke and Wally (not pictured) from Orisue also joined us for the festivities.

I can still taste the rubber from the tires that were flying up in the air.
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