If you are in Tucson, AZ on Monday make sure to join us at the VII Grand Store for an in store signing and Collab release with Derrick Williams of the Timberwolves! Keep an eye out on the blog for more info!


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Im sure you have seen the name Adapt pop up here and there and if you have ever been to a 49er game Im positive that you know who these guys are. Adapt has been holding it down for the bay for quite sometime now and have done some great collaborations with some of Northern California’s greatest. I got the pleasure to sit down with Evan ( Founder of Adapt ) and really pick his brain on what he thinks about the industry and where it’s going in the future. It was a huge pleasure to get to chop it up with him and definitely another big shout out to my dude Dj Amen for setting up the link for me.

Make sure to visit Adapt if you are ever in the San Francisco Area.

2801 Judah St
(between 33rd Ave & 34th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122


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San Francisco is by far one of the most amazing cities that I have visited to date but it’s always better when you have friends that have a key to the city, theoretically speaking…  The gentlemen pictured below on the far side of the bar goes by the name of Dj Amen, a radio personality on KMEL known for breaking some of your favorite songs. Amen is also part of the largest organizations that includes artists and Dj’s all up and down California ironically called Young California. Amen was kind enough to show us around and introduce us to some amazing talent that I honestly may have not discovered without him. This trip made me realize how much Raw Talent is still out there and definitely gave me a new love for music. 

Thanks again Amen for rollin around with us and takin us through to the station.

Clear Channels 106.1 KMEL

Wally (  Orisue ) and Amen stood there as Big Von explained in depth about his Cassie and Diddy story.

This is Big Von, you may recognize this name from those leaked Cassie photos that dropped a few years back ( DISCLAIMER: THE SITUATION WAS SETTLED BETWEEN BOTH PARTIES AND IS NOW ALL GOOD )

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