Finally Famous Over Everything

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This past week Big Sean’s Finally Famous Tour came to our home town of Santa Ana and was held at the legendary Galaxy Theatre. This show was definitely a highly anticipated one  to hit our area not only because of Big Sean but also opening performances from our good friend Shawn Chrystopher and GOOD Music artist, Cyhi the Prince.

Around 4:30 i headed over to the venue to pick up my friend Dj Mo Beatz ( Big Sean’s Official Tour DJ ) so that i could bring him back to the office for a quick tour of our head quarters. Seeing that he’s from Detroit we really don’t get to hang out that much so i made sure to jump on the opportunity. If you havent had the pleasure of listening to him yet, make sure to youtube him and take notes as he’s one of the few last standing Dj’s who can actually Dj.

About an hour later we headed back to the venue so that Mo and Big Sean could do soundcheck. (Mo Beatz on the left and Big Sean on the right)

Mr. Shawn Chrystopher and Andy Cool.

Finally Famous Merch.

Shawn Chrys brought out Mann as his special guest.

Me, Mann, Andy

The calm before the storm.

Big Sean did one last sound check before they opened doors to make sure the sound was perfect for his fans.

If you look close enough you can see some of the squad in the middle of the crowd. Marilyn the SUPER fan wanted to make sure she had  good seat for the show.

The Finally Famous Tour was by far THE most energetic shows I have ever seen, from the beginning until the end it was nothing but pure energy.


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This Saturday, IMKING along with Royal Origin and will be releasing a limited edition version of our Let’s Roll tee at Autocon. Only 200 of these will be available for $15 a piece at the Royal Origin tent. Cars, Sun, Fun! See you there!


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The day of the warehouse sale was madness throughout the whole day. Especially with all the campers all NOS’d up and ready to shop. We brought out the heat with this sale. We had samples, classic IMKING pieces, 1/1 items, and other hidden treasures.  The anxious supporters waited in line for hours just to get a glimpse of what we had in store. Lines formed all around the building, gamers were still going at it, and people leaving with bags of IMKING. What a weekend!

Rise and shine!

At least they got to play games while they waited anxiously for us to open the doors. I wonder what we’ll have for you guys at the next sale. Any suggestions? Hit us up on twitter with what you would want to have at our next warehouse sale. @IMKING_Clothing

Alex walked around and passed out ELM beanies to all the happy campers in line.


Look at that throwback piece!

I wouldn’t let them in unless they all smiled for me.

We made it mandatory for everyone to rub “THINGY” before they walked in.

Everyone ran over Sean once the doors opened.

Andrew and his friends were some of the die hard supporters that camped out all night.

Team Lime Truck: Paolo, Mark, and Noah.




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