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Today is Small Business Saturday which was established in 2010. A day for all people to go out and not buy from those big conglomerate corporations but to go out and support all those mom and pop shops out there who are just trying to make an honest living by providing you with quality. So go out and make sure to buy from the small businesses out there and put a smile on some faces.

Shoot 4 Thrill

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I’m around these talented photographers in the office that it requires me to step my game up. I took one of my weekends to go see things in downtown L.A. and what I could capture through my iPhone. It was nice to just wander to places I’ve never been and learn a little more about what beautiful things we have in L.A. I visited a cathedral, The Last Bookstore, Little Tokyo, and Angel’s Flight. I also made sure to eat at some of the gems in the city. Let’s see how much I’ve improved behind the lens.


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From time to time our internet likes to take a day off from us at the office and decides not to come into work so it gives us tie to really enjoy our surroundings and take advantage of our resources. Now by resources I mean the office roof and by surroundings I mean the 10 foot perimeter that surrounds our office, nut all in all we end up getting some amazing photos, lots of laughs and make even more horrible decisions with what we consider “fun”.


Visuals by: Brian “Tampon” Tampol

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