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I was just browsing through my iphone today and found so many random photos of what ive done over the past month and I thought to myself why take pictures if im not going to share them? For those of you who dont follow mine or any of the rest of the crew here at IMKING on Instagram make sure you take a second to do so ( insert shameless plug here )

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Had lunch with Mr. FoodBeast himself randomly in DTSA.

Andy’s Birthday dinner in HB at Gen Korean BBQ.

One of my favorite places to eat in down town Santa Ana and the only place where you can get the IMKING Sanwich! Cafe Calacas.

One of the most amazing houses I have ever been to with over 75,000 l.e.d. lights your sure to have a Happy Holiday. Im not sure on the address but for my local people its on Ward and Apache.

I tell myself everday that i will stop this horrid habit but I guess im just lying to myself. Bred IV’s for my soul.

Andy thinks he’s a rapper and decided to jump in the booth at Truth Studios.

My solo project at Lacma.

Andy’s attempt at copying my solo project at Lacma.

Congrats to IMKING’s very own intern and street team member Luis on his big day!

I am now the newest reseller of Twinkies.

I stole one of Andy’s Power Ranger helmets that he collects and decided to walk around the office with it.

The good people over at 5th Element gave Andy his first Magazine feature AND cover. This is the text they sent me a couple days before it dropped. ( look you can see me under the M in IMKING sweeeeeet )

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