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I remember the first time I listened to Lupe Fiasco, I was at my parents house watching MTV when they still played music videos and hadn’t become a reality tv channel yet. His song “Kick, Push” came on and I was blown away, now fast forward a couple years i finally got to see Lupe at Kanye’s Glow in the Dark tour for the first time an it was one of the most disappointing performances  I have ever been too and  was honestly more hyped on rhiannas set. Fast forward again to last week at the Palladium on Sunset our good friend Claire from Guerilla Union invites me out to another Lupe show. I was a bit reluctant to go but I figured I would give him another chance and to my surprise he put on amazing show that was actually quite impressing. It was one of those shows where you could really tell that they put their whole heart and all their energy into the performance. And the moral of the story is, there’s always room for redemption I definitely recommend getting out to catch one of his shows if you ever get the chance.

A big thanks to Claire and the rest of the folks at Guerilla Union for taking care of me and the crew.

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