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What are two of america’s most prized possessions? The glazed donut and the cheeseburger. When you put the two together, it becomes a calorie bomb, but who’s counting? While on my trip to San Jose I was able try this madness. For you health fanatics, please refrain from coming near this truck. You can’t miss this truck because it’s bright pink! The Dough Truck serves up some of the craziest donut sandwiches you will ever see. They also have some soup’d up tater tots. I was up for the challenge of eating the donut burger and tater tots.

I had the wild west burger and animal tots. The wild west burger was a burger patty stuffed with american cheese, bacon, bbq sauce, friend onions, with a glazed donut for the bun. The flavors were powerful with the cheese shooting in my mouth. Sweet & savory at the same damn time. The tots were like a version of In-n-out’s animal style fries except with tater tots, instead of fries.

They also did a a creative play on a Menu item look book featuring Mr. Potato Head.


If you are in the bay area, keep your eye out for The Dough Truck.

The Dough Truck

San Jose, CA

(408) 475-8687

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