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Meet the guys at Bespoke. If you’ve been following our social media these past few weeks, you will know exactly who I’m talking about. These guys take hats, re-design your bill and strap back. You can choose through hundreds of different designs. It may sound easy, but they do quality work. With every bill and strap carefully placed and sewn together. They have been shown love in this short amount of time that their company has been out.

Brandon, Nga, and Tommy are the brains and labor of the operation. Brian and is their hardworking intern. In a little over half a year, they’ve grown this brand to a level where most take years to get to. They’ve tapped into something different. Something very tedious and time consuming, but they enjoy it. I can tell when I speak to them, about how much they want to succeed. Their plans of where they plan to take the brand. I admire their professionalism, great attitude, and work ethic. These are the foundations of skills to succeed in a start up business. I saw great work from a brand with little notoriety that caught my attention. I acted on by working with them on developing hats with IMKING. It’s been great ever since.

This is Brian the Super Intern, He is by far the most organized kid I have ever met.

Oh, and hide your daughters from Brandon Bespoke (on the left).

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