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Today we got the chance to stop by a few accounts on our way to Sema in Vegas and we had the pleasure of stopping by the biggest streetwear store I have ever stepped foot in. Imagine walking into an Ikea but instead of furniture theres every single shoe, hat, necklace, shirt and jacket that you could dream of,  now that you’ve done that, turn your dreams into reality and head over to Kings in Montclair.

A huge thanks to the staff for welcoming us with open arms and showing us around, Its definitely an honor to be a part of  this huge movement . Check out the shop below and make sure to drop by whenever you get a chance.


4889 Holt Blvd
Montclair, CA 91763


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For the most part I try and eat healthy as much as possible. My regular food intake usually consists of a lot of vegetables and lots of chicken but, there are some instances when I get stuck between a Doughnut and some ice cream especially when I work with people Like Andy who has eaten at almost every restaurant in every country  and Polo who only enjoys eating the rarest cuts of steak known to man that was piggy backed over by Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas themselves.Honestly though i very rarely eat things like the stuff you see but I always make sure to take pictures in hopes that I end up on the Food Beast top 6 instagram pictures of food for the week.  Enjoy your life, eat well and workout enough so you can do it again.

Now you know my secret…..

A whole lot of “you shouldnt eat that” Doughnuts from Kelly’s Doughnuts.

California Shabu. Regular Beef with extra veggies, no udon and brown rice.

Red Bean Ice Cream.

EVERYTHING you can think of on this bar from our friends over at Long Boards Ice Cream.

Panda Pocky.

Rice, Fried Egg, Veggies and white rice from Pholicious. ( Down the street from our office )

Whats left of my Chicken Egg Bowl from Mitsuwa Japanese Market.

Last but not least, my claim to fame. I made it on the top 6. If you want to make it on there some day and hold the crown as a notified instagram food photographer make sure to tag all your food posts with #foodbeast and #imking.


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Meeting new people is one of the greatest perks of my job and its something I have the privilege of doing almost everyday especially when I get to make great friends like this guy, Adrian McElhaney. Over the past few years I have seen him grow and get better not only at his craft but also as a person. He is always such a positive energy to be around and is someone who I feel will forever embody the true meaning of Raw Talent. I wanted to personally make sure he knew how much of an inspiration he is to all of us at the company and how proud we are of him. Congrats on your first Pro board!

Im pretty sure he dotted all the I’s in this with Hearts…………

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