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Last week Andy and I were stuck running around LA so we decided to stop by and visit some of our friends over at the Young and Reckless office. The first thing you walk into is this amazing view of LA with the Hollywood sign in the distance, I wish i had a view here at the IMKING office, the only window I have leads directly into our production office where i stare aimlessly into Polo’s eyes…..Weird. Anyways, There were so many hilariously photoshopped pictures of the staff that i wish I could have posted but I guess i’ll deal with what i have. A big thanks to Travvy, Kev D. and THE MOO for having us over at the office and being so hospitable


Amazing window art.

Cool story bro.

Travis Himself.

Mr. Blue Dot

24 hour Corgi Cam .First of its Kind. Look it up. Kev would want you too.

A little sneak peak into Dramas Office.

Apparently from what ive seen at the past few offices i have visited, you must have a ping pong table to be official….

Or, Just have one of these.



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