Meet The Mother Fockers

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You’ve seen Matagi throughout the years at IMKING, but some of you are starting to meet Justin. Our youngster who handles the store front on the weekends. He’s usually the one to give me feedback on what the customers like, hate, and what we should add to the line. For some reason, Justin always wants me to make shirts with topless guys on it..(Kidding..I’m just giving him a hard time, because he drained a 3-pointer on me  at the basketball courts) Justin is great with the customers and people always personally tell me great things about the kid.

Matagi is usually at the shop on the weekdays. He tells me he works, but I think he’s just sitting back watching animal porn. If you do visit him, make sure to bring him chicken wings. It’s his favorite(He actually is afraid of eating meat on a bone)! Matagi recently put together our donate 4 discounts program. He’s great at helping out the less fortunate. I think his soft heart comes listening to all that Carly Rae Japsen songs.

IMKING flagship

171 W. 2nd St.

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Look for the giant Oscar in front of the shop.



We know you watching porn Matagi!


Busted, bitch!

Justin and his creeper smile

He’s looking at topless images of himself. word.

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