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Every first Saturday of the month in the heart of downtown Santa Ana around the art district, (literally a 10 second walk from the IMKING flagship store), local artists open up their studios around 7pm to the public to share their work for all art lovers to enjoy. I walked around the area unaware of what kinds of things I’d be seeing being that it was my first time, but I’ve learned that by being at an art walk, wandering is the best way to experiencing. I visited all the open studios and shops and found myself getting lost in all types of different buildings, with two or more levels and big, open rooms. Each room and wall was structured towards a certain artist and had all kinds of art in a plethora of mediums. The thing I love about art walks too is that there’s always music, food, and vendors involved. A live band was playing outdoors all night and chairs were set up for everyone’s convenience. I’ve been to plenty of art walks in different cities and countries before, but never the one near my own home. As a first timer, I’m pleased to say that my much needed art fix was more than satisfied.

- MARY ( the newest member of the team )

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