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As summer draws to an end, everyone finds themselves rushing to the beach for those last few weeks of perfect weather and sunny skies before fall takes over. Some go for the waves while some go for the sun, but in Venice artists go for passion. In 1961 The Venice Public Art Walls, also known as The “Graffiti Pit” or simply “The Pit” was a place for artists to openly express themselves through street art, murals and graffiti. Although these art forms are considered as acts of vandalism in today’s era, there was once upon a time where they were accepted and mostly RESPECTED. However in 1999; after 25 years of standing strong, a majority of the walls filled with bright color were demolished for “refurbishment” purposes. Luckily a man by the name of Stash Maleski and The ICU (In Creative Unity) Organization reacted with accepting full responsibility for the preserved pieces in 2000, and continued the wall’s legacy for a couple more years. Since then, artists were required to present a permit and a preview sketch to fulfill their passion. The City of LA stopped funding the preservation of the walls, and ICU soon wasn’t able to fund it alone. This September ICU held their very last event, and although the walls aren’t at risk for being completely torn down at this very moment in time, what makes you think they won’t be someday? Support your local artists, and help ICU bring back the true beauty and meaning of art.

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