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September is a great month for breeding champions here at IMKING and first up to bat for  the team are these two wonderful ones.

This man below is Joseph, He is our Shipping manager here at the warehouse and if you have ever been excited about receiving an order early from us, its because of him. This is a baseball card we stole from Joseph’s house specifically for an occasion such as this. This picture was taken when he was 8, He still looks the same to this date.

And Last but definitely not least we have one of your favorites, Marilyn! She is not only the brains behind some of your favorite shirts but she’s also the closest thing we have to beauty at the office besides Alex and Matagi ( Two pure bred geniuses ). Im sure many of you know her from her time before she steped foot into the IMKING doors but if you don’t please refer to picture below and find some of her past videos by going to and searching for MATAFACT .


If you happen to see these two running around town causing problems do me a favor and make sure to stop them and say Happy Birthday!

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