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Behind every company is a team that not only believes in success, but also works hard for it. When it comes to working hard, Jesse and Joseph can tell you anything and everything about it. A few days ago we introduced you to our Shipping Manager Joseph, which we already know his main goal is to make sure you always get your online IMKING gear on time. Jesse, our Operations Manager loves being hugged (even though he pretends to hate it) and always makes sure IMKING is stocked at your favorite stores. If there’s anything they love more than working for IMKING and eating Waba Grill seven times a week, our guess would have to be eating those delicious high quality “baked” goods they often talk about. Even though they’re the two shyest guys in the entire office; they always find ways to improve our warehouse and our shipping, which makes them the backbone of what we do on a day to day basis.

This is Joseph and this is his home away from home.

This is Jessie he is a strong believer in the pallet jack.

Joseph makes sure to hand pack every single one of your online orders.

Party time explosion.

A word of advice, NEVER eat any sort of cookies, cupcakes or brownies in the possession of these two guys.

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