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We’ve all had a hot dog or a million of them at some point in our lives. I’m not quite sure if you’ve ever had one like Dogzilla though. His take on the hot dog is a lot more crazier and tastes a lot better than the regular stuff. Martin who’s came up with his crazy concoctions have been running the streets of So-CAL for over a year and a half now. They just opened their 2nd truck which is powered by IMKING. Martin and Son have become apart of our family. Our common bond on food and grind go together hand in hand. I salute these guys for coming out with something different and making a living off of it.

Stay tuned for the Dogzilla x IMKING merch. Coming soon..

Their character Dale is a green wiener. Definitely not your typical weenie.

Fun facts provided to you by these crazy guys.

They are holding a hot dog eating contest at the OC Fair. Check back with us on details to sign up.

Powered by Deez Nutz!!!

Now let’s see their creations!

Garlic Parmesan fries.

Hot dogs made with CRACK! I’m a fiend for these.

How did you come up with this Martin?? He was definitely on something.

Son and Martin. Two of my favorite party animals. Rage on fellas!

Check out their website to find them on the streets.

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