Sonny John Moore

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As you all know, to become an American electronic music producer and singer/songwriter doesn’t come easy in the music industry. For the majority of people, being successful requires a game plan and putting in endless hours of hard work. Every day new artists pop up from nowhere, have their one hit wonders then the next thing you know, they fall off the face of this planet. You need plenty of new material to back yourself up with to keep the fans fed and wanting more. It’s kind of like running a clothing brand. We can’t just produce one t-shirt and call it a day. We need to always plan ahead and make sure designs are made for the upcoming seasons in order for us to have awesome people, like you, support us. I like to call it ammo. If you run out of ammo in the battlefield, then you’re most likely done for. Kind of going off topic, but Sonny John Moore, otherwise known as Skrillex, represents that hard working individual and has created an original product in the music scene and has been recognized by the masses for it. Skrillex represents what we stand for here at IMKING, which is, “Raw Talent.”

Skrillex caught on Instagram wearing our Battlefield Snapback in grey. Follow us on Instagram: @IMKINGCLOTHING


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I was able to attend the last day of Transmission LA at MOCA almost two weeks ago. We had so many posts that I kept this in the vault. This show was full of trippy art going on. Everything was loud and abstract, it was a mind f*ck. Mike D of the Beastie Boys curated this show. R.I.P. to MCA. If you are looking to attend this show.. It’s over by now. I didn’t bring my camera, but I had my trusty iPhone with me. Take a look at some of the amazing art displayed below.


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As we head into our sixth year of IMKING, we look back and celebrate the previous five. It’s been an incredible journey to make it here today. We have been through many obstacles to keep IMKING running. To see how much the brand has developed into it’s own, is unbelievable. Polo and I created this company to be able to express our creativity. It has become much more than that. IMKING is our lives. Our team has worked with us to deliver our vision. For our next five years, we have so much more to offer than just clothing. We want to keep inspiring others, have fun, and be creative. We will continue to progress with IMKING and look forward to the next chapter of our journey.

A thank you to the IMKING team, retailers, friends, family, and YOU for the continuous support. Thank you for allowing us to express our vision.




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