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Today we come to the end of our Spring 2 tee delivery. First up is our Red Light tee. As you see from the photo we have our Creepin logo taking on a neon light motif.

Next is the Strange Brew tee. Comprised of a few different art elements. This tee is to inspire people to “enjoy the ride” that we call life. This will also be available in a tank top online and at the flagship store only. Just remember again to enjoy responsibly.

Finishing off our previews is the We the City tee. This is the tee to have if your one of our many supporters that we have come to call our family. We appreciate and thank all of you for your undying support of IMKING. All of these tees will be available at our flagship tomorrow, and don’t forget about fan appreciation night.


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Day 2 of our Spring 2 tees is here with 3 more previews.

Its A-maze-ing so A-maze-ing! Pretty straight forward design on this one with our Oscar logo filled with a maze.

Next up is our Sticker Pack tee. Inspired by vintage cartoon art this shirt lets you imagine what personality you would like our Oscar logo to have. Or if your really down you can cut it up and place the pieces where you choose.

Finishing day 2 of our previews is the World Tour tee. What can you say to describe this tee other then whats already being shown in the art. Simply put IMKING Kingdom Come. For most Kingdom Come carries a meaning of the end of time. For us it carries a meaning of it’s time for us to come into the Kingdom. The upper echelon if you will. IMKING over everything!!!!!


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Our 2nd delivery of spring tees are here and we will be releasing them this week. Continuing with our theme of, “Welcome to Chaos,” we will be bringing you 11 fresh tees for this delivery. So without further ado please enjoy our day 1 preview.

What can you say that isn’t already being said in the art of this tee. Sometimes in life its better to not know what can you hurt you. So that way you can live it to the fullest, and without regret. YOLO!!!!!!

Inspired by the artitst responsible for Eddie (Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot), Derek Riggs. We bring you our interpretation of a epic movie poster with a blend of 80′s metal art. Or more simply put a decayed wonder woman with our Chaos Crew typeface surrounding her old bones.

Ending day one of our spring 2 tee previews we bring you our Imported tee. This is the tee to have if your about that Miserable mornings and Neverending nights life! Just remember to enjoy responsibly, and never get caught on camera with your pants down or shirt off. Smiley Face!!!!!!

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