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A couple weeks back I had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Webby and his team while they were in town for his, “There Goes The Neighborhood,” tour. The funny thing is that the venue he was playing at is located right across the street from our office location. Instead of having to make the drive to LA, I was able to take my time and cruise over just in time for his performance. Very convenient if you ask me… If you don’t know much about Chris, he’s been grindin in the game for quite some time now and keeps pushing quality music out to his fans. If you would like to get acquainted with him, head over to or visit the link HERE to download all of his previous and current mix-tapes.

Chris decided to end the show with a 6 minute encore of free styling.

This was by far the highlight of my night. As I was leaving the venue I saw that Chris was bombarded by a super fan. This kid was high on life, confused, and star struck as he introduced himself to Chris. He introduced himself and his friend as 007 and 009… They thought they were secret agents of some sort on a mission to sneak around the security guards and jump over a fence to meet Chris and his team. I’d say they completed their mission with flying colors until…

007 and 009 were detected by security and fled away from the scene by hopping the fence.

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