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SXSW has lived up to its hype over the past week with unforgettable showcases at every venue. Day four was filled with one of the most anticipated showcases of all week. FuseTV. went all in with the Shady 2.0 Showcase by having acts like Slaughterhouse, Schoolboy Q, Big K.R.I.T., Action Bronson, ASAP Rocky and STS perform. To top everything off, 50 Cent headlined the showcase performing his classic album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”. It was definitely icing on the cake to see such an artist perform.

We ran into the ASAP crew mobbin in front of the theater.

ASAP reppin.

Don Trip performing his hit release, “Letter To My Son.”

Schoolboy and ASAP performing together.

Slaughterhouse came out and performed all of the classics.

After the Shady showcase we headed downtown to grab some food and check out some more showcases.

You’ll never go hungry on the streets of Austin because there’s a food truck on every corner.

#1 please.

Check back tomorrow for our closing post on SXSW.



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Team IMKING , Orisue , Flud , and the Doppelgangaz have been living with each other over the past week for SXSW and now that everyone’s been settled in, things have been starting to get a little comical. Adam thought it would have been a great idea to personally wake up big Josh with a pillow smacked to his face. Check out the video below for Josh’s response and how these two “MEN” resolved their little dispute. HA! Also, make sure to revisit the blog on Monday for our closing post on our SXSW trip.


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Day three was full of eating, walking, more walking, and visiting showcases all around the down town area. Before we could start off the day, we headed over to one of the most talked about burger joints in town, WhatABurger. For everyone that thinks that this is better than In N Out, go fix your taste buds.

After some grub we took a mini road trip over to Tekgnar, a local skate shop, to visit the staff and check out the place.

All of the casings, shelves, etc. have been hand made by the shop owner.

Meet Steve and Lawuan. Steve (on the right) has been a customer of the shop for over 10+ years and has grown to love the place like a second home. Now he helps run the place and has been hired on as a full time employee. Both Steve and Lawuan like to keep things exciting and new at the store by producing their weekly promotional videos, Fresh Fridays .

Next stop, Slaughterhouse video shoot.

After the shoot we strolled into the city to check out some events and roam the streets.

Alex gave up meat for Lent so all he could eat was Pizza and Quesadillas.

Zombie mode.

First friendly encounter, DJ Skeet Skeet.



We closed the night out over at the Interscope/Geffen party with performances by Kendrick Lamar, MGK, Don Trip, LEP Bogus Boys, Blaqstarr, and many more.

Larry and Trip.

The Stereotypes were in the building. Jon Street.


Let the adventures continue…

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