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Chris NGO.. Yes, I meant to spell it like that in the title. A very different breed this guy comes from. Raised in the mean streets of Santa Ana. His mouth has gotten him through this tough society, in a good way. If you want to out talk this dude, it’s very unlikely to happen. Chris is the most outspoken one at IMKING and it’s helped out the brand in a lot of ways. A very driven individual that has his act together. If you aren’t used to his humor, he may push the wrong buttons. At times he comes up with the craziest comments, and I have no idea where it comes from. He’s living life like he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

His new tattoo #YOLO

Polo and myself have known Chris years before IMKING. I met him because he conned me at a shoe show into buying tons of his sneakers. We actually started working with Chris during our real estate days. Oddly enough, we both ended up in the apparel industry. He worked for at Franco Shade as we kept in touch, and landed here at IMKING shortly after. Chris has put out a ton for IMKING and we’re glad he chose to ride with us. When you pick up your IMKING at the stores you can thank Chris

Fun Fact: I’ve been on a plane with Chris more than anyone else in this world.

Follow the madman twitter: @xxchrisngoxxf3 Instagram: xxxchrisngoxxx


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Would you turn down BBQ if you were in TX?! I hope your answer would be a no, unless you’re a vegetarian. Most of you are going to see the pictures below and ask us why we didn’t go to Salt Lick. Our reason, because the drive was too far and we were too hungry to wait. There’s always next year’s SXSW when we can make up for it. Anyways, we headed over to the second best place that we could think of and had our very first “real” meal of the week. All of the other food we had been consuming was either street food or from a food truck posted up on the corner of an intersection.

Not too sure why they had this by the line because we could see the meet being prepped behind the registers. But hey, you need some sort of entertainment in a BBQ house.

Stocked for life. Sauce on sauce on sauce.


Breaking bread with the family.

Take notes people. If you’re deciding to open a restaurant of your own, please keep these qualities in mind.

After lunch we headed down town for another adventure on 6th st and to check out the Fader Fort. I heard that this guy Rick Ross was going to be performing. Ever heard of him?

Hands down, the best showcase stage went to Doritos. Too bad they didn’t have Cool Ranch chip bags being dispensed out of that machine.

Forgot to mention that it was St. Patrick’s Day.

The dogs name was tiny.

Try to find where we tagged up this wall.

You’ll never find it.

All I thought of when I saw those two words was THIS . -DM

Semi packed.

As of right now, #CLOL (condescending laugh out loud), has become the newest/trending hash tag out there. It was created by the man on the right, @WhatsUpWally.

We ran into our friend Freddie Gibbs at the Fort rocking our #BEERGOGGLES.

JON CONNOR ! (Not from Terminator people)

Never can go wrong with hand made pizza.

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I thought the night was over and honestly didn’t think that the night could get any better… I was wrong. We headed down town to the Respect the West showcase where we were able to watch Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, Skeme, and many more perform.



The night had finally come to an end and we were ready to make the 20+ hour drive home at 2:00 in the morning. Seriously, we made that drive after partying. (being responsible driving sober) Thank you SXSW and the crazy people in the streets of Austin TX for making our trip well worth it. We’ll see you next year at SXSW 2013! Also, we need the same roommates for next years trip. Orisue, Flud, The Doppelgangaz, get ready for another adventure!

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