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So the day started off like any other trade show day would. We woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out to DO WORK.

Right off the bat, SKEE TV stopped by the booth and did some sneak peaks on the upcoming collections coming out.

Jenny and Elvin from ATTIC helping out the crew.

While Alex entertained the crowd with music..

STANCE was giving out happy endings…

This wouldn’t be a trade show blog without showing who your friends are. Starting off with the good people over at ILLEST, meet Mark.

Jeri Lee and Baller

Alex and Wally (Orisue)

“The Michael David” (Rocksmith)

Ryan (Meister Watches)

The name is Jovan, “I like to party” (Kid Robot)

Donovan and Oz (New Era)

Mr. Hardy (Young & Reckless)

Scotty Too Hotty (Dope Couture)

Craig (Canvas)

Alina (ASICS)


Errrrrrrr… errr. rrrrruffff. RUFF!

A full day of work definitely built up an appetite so we headed over to a local cafe down the street.

We never have to worry about finding somewhere good to eat because Andy is a professional food finder. Don’t believe me? Check YELP.

Some pretty delish pot roast.

Mac & Cheese for days.

BRICK chicken.

We ended our day over at the ATTIC for our buddy Michael’s jogger pant release.

Greeted by the welcoming staff of ATTIC. Glad to see that you’re back Mattie!


David and some girl he paid to act like she was his girlfriend. jk Nikki.

Keeping everyone hydrated.

Nick & Justin

Thank you Jonathon for hooking it up with some of the best sliders out there!

Our buddy Brando.

Raffle time!

I forgot to take a picture of the highlighted piece of the night… the jogger pant. Sorry Mike! Just zoom in people!

The man of the hour.

Congrats on the brand and another successful event!


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It’s time for AGENDA! This year the show will be taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center. We just checked out the venue and this show keeps on getting bigger and bigger every time. Definitely gotta give props to the people over at Agenda for the growth that they’ve achieved. All I know is that we have a great show ahead of us and can’t wait to unveil our upcoming collections to you in the near future. We’ll be doing some live blogging from the show so maybe you’ll get a little sneak peak on some of the new stuff later on today.

Oscar’s Story

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Some people ask why the name Oscar? Well today I’ll explain our logo’s name.

There are two Oscar’s that most of us are familiar with. We’ve got Oscar the grouch from “Sesame Street” who lives in a trash can. The one that people just brush aside. Oscar certainly doesn’t care what anyone thinks and does his thing.

The other Oscar that we’ve come to know are those gold shiny awards that actors/actresses work their butt off to receive. A prestigious award that acknowledges that you’ve made it in the entertainment industry. Work of pure excellence has been achieved.

When we refer to our logo Oscar, we were inspired by those figures. It’s starting from the bottom and working our way to the top. Even when the top is reached their is still much to achieve. We want to continue to push ourselves and always better¬† our craft. Oscar is our way of saying “be yourself, do what you love, and go for your dreams.”

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