The Pizza State

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Everytime I’m in New York, I become this crazy tourist. I’m overly packed with winter clothes, got my camera ready to snap pictures for days, and standing in front of Times Square in awe. Chris and myself were lucky not to be stuck in a snow storm this year. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. The pace here is so quick. The taxi drivers are always uneasy and the people aren’t afraid of anything.

I was also invited to visit the offices of Nickelodeon. Right when I got out of the elevator a huge orange sign blinded me. I met up with my girl Monique who took me around and showed me the madness. Room after room is full of products ranging from Spongebob to South Park. It’s a fun office with a lot going on. We also talked about IMKING and Monique explained her story. She was surprised to her that I’ve never gone surfing and lived in Southern California all my life. I’ll probably give it a  try this summer. Thanks to Suzy, George, Monique, and Alix for having me over!

Where the Kings live.

I need to watch a Knicks game the next time I come to NY.

City life.

Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick….Nickelodeonnnnnnnn!

Don’t be shy!

Spongebob in Lego form!

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