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Last Friday I spent the majority of my day out in LA where I met up with Dabs & Myla to pick their brains about their past and how they got to where they’re at today. We met up over at the famous 101 Coffee Shop located in Hollywood off of Franklin street. If you haven’t been there, I suggest giving it a try. The whole vibe of the place makes you feel like you’re in a movie back in the 60′s. For a legitimate background about the cafe, visit their website here .

Food = real art. Salmon Scramble.

I’ve always known about DabsMyla but was never formally introduced to them until I met them back at Agenda around a year ago. Ever since then, I’ve become kind of obsessed with their work.

After lunch I headed over to their studio to see what projects they were currently working on. If you plan on working with them in the future, grab a ticket and wait in line.

If you visit their website here, you can check out some of the previous work they’ve done and their most current project which was featured at the Affordable Art Fair over at LA Live.

Only 500 pieces made. CanMan x DabsMyla

If there was one thing that I learned from my trip, it was to surround yourself by inspirational paintings/pictures/anything that will get your creative juices flowing.

Thank you DabsMyla for inviting us into your home and letting us get to know you a little better.

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