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I headed to the island! This was my first real vacation that didn’t involve work or a bachelor party. I pretty much invited myself to join Alex and Kimo on their trip. They’ve both been here many times, so it made it a lot easier to hit all the good spots. My job was to pick all the places to eat, and eat we did. The island of Honolulu was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. A stress reliever from all the madness back home when I saw the beautiful aqua ocean. My first two days were filled with sight-seeing , thrill-seeking, and food-eating.

Alex jumping off the rock. It took me an hour to jump.

Hawaii life

Ramen always hits the spot..

Loco moco! and Ice cream slushie.

The rainbow’s out here are very common.

Plum powder on pineapple. Genius! Plum powder on everything please!

These shrimp’s are really popular on the island.

Deep fried banana pie. You won’t find this on the mainland.

Double rainbow!

The famous Matsumoto’s shaved ice.

And more food! Eating with the locals.

Oliver on the far right is a huge IMKING supporter from Hawaii.


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It’s been quite some time since our last food blog, so I’ve decided to bring it back with a good one. Our friends Christian and Juan invited us out to their families restaurant located in Santa Ana, Antojitos Don Juan. I’ve probably driven past this place 20+ times over the past year but never took the time to actually try it. This proved to be your typical hole in the wall type of spot. Yeah, it might not attract you from the outside, but the food definitely speaks for itself. As we walked in I had my normal stereotype about Mexican food and thought it would be the same as any other place, but I was wrong… From the appetizers to the dessert, my taste buds were wide awake waiting for more. The owner/head chef, Juan, has an amazing background in culinary arts and fuses anything and everything from different cultures into his dishes. You’ll be able to see some of his creations below. If you’re looking for something new, fresh, and innovative, then this is the next spot you should hit.

Antojitos Don Juan:
1130 W Warner Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Some appetizers along with some beans/salsa dips.

How could you turn down Mexican Coca-Cola ?!

Or some homemade Horchata!

Instead of ordering off the menu, tell them to surprise you with a delicious meal.

The “Angus Beef Taco”

Filled with pork, beef, chicken, cactus, beans, avocado, and other great ingredients, they gave us the “Molcajete .”

Chicken Parmesan with a Mexican twist.

“Espanoles.” Bacon wrapped shrimp with a secret cheese sauce.

Caramelized Flan.

Before we could leave, Juan sat down with the crew and told us about his culinary background and how he started the business.

Thank you Juan, Juan, and Christian for cooking us a great meal. We’ll definitely stop by again for the Espanoles!


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Over the weekend, Autocon was held in Irvine and I made sure to be up by 6:00 AM to meet up with the Royal Origin crew. Despite the freezing 45 degree weather, it was still exciting to see all their cars roll up one by one until it was time to leave. Once everyone was ready, we all headed out in a caravan to the event. When we got there, Royal Origin along with Canibeat, Low Ballers, Boss Company, and Sexy Squad began setting up their 32 cars they brought out to showcase. The turnout for the event couldn’t have been any better then I had expected. To end the day off, an award ceremony was held and Royal Origin was able to take home the award for Best Represented Team!

6am at Diamond Jamboree

Heading to autocon with 32 cars!

Busy day at the Canibeat x Royal origin booth

John Zhang from Canibeat parked his car right next to the booth. Nicest 1 series i’ve ever seen!

Such a great turnout of cars at autocon!

Ryan and Thomas stopped by and tried to find as much shade as they could

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