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My final days on the island. On this vacation I gained a few lbs, learned to relax, tried new things, and hung out with great company. This place gets so much love with good reason. The worry-free lifestyle here gets people away from the hectic world back home, enjoying the bright blue ocean, the loads of rice, and beautiful women. It doesn’t get old. The amazing year round warm weather is something you can’t complain about. Life is a beach and I’m just playing in the sand.

Authentic Hawaiian food.

I have never seen this flavor in my life!

Shaka for life!

There’s pork wrapped inside of this banana leaf.

Made our way to Pearl Harbor.




The Warrior’s Way

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The third hike we went on was at Manoa Falls. I was told that “Lost” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” have been filmed here.  This place was like being in another world. It rained the night before, so the air was cool that morning. The walk up got tough because of all the mud that we had to step in. I also forgot to wear mosquito repellent and got attacked! I quickly got over it after I got to the top, and witnessed the amazing waterfall. There’s nothing like it. A natural beauty.

We were also invited to go see a college football game. Richard Torres who plays for the Warrior’s got us some amazing seats. The tailgate and game was full of excitement. That was until I jinxed the game and the team lost at the last play. Sorry guys.

(Changing the subject) Poke bowls in Hawaii are the best things to eat.

Monkey around!

Kimo getting “Lost.”

Alex brought out the guns to the island.

This is 10000000000000 times better in person.

The water is so blue out here! It’s brown looking back in California.

Where the locals eat..I just gave out the secret.

Ono seafood has the best poke bowl I have ever eaten.

The tailgate.



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Have a safe and enjoyable holiday’s from your friends at IMKING!

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