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This Saturday, IMKING along with Royal Origin and Canibeat.com will be releasing a limited edition version of our Let’s Roll tee at Autocon. Only 200 of these will be available for $15 a piece at the Royal Origin tent. Cars, Sun, Fun! See you there!


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The day of the warehouse sale was madness throughout the whole day. Especially with all the campers all NOS’d up and ready to shop. We brought out the heat with this sale. We had samples, classic IMKING pieces, 1/1 items, and other hidden treasures.  The anxious supporters waited in line for hours just to get a glimpse of what we had in store. Lines formed all around the building, gamers were still going at it, and people leaving with bags of IMKING. What a weekend!

Rise and shine!

At least they got to play games while they waited anxiously for us to open the doors. I wonder what we’ll have for you guys at the next sale. Any suggestions? Hit us up on twitter with what you would want to have at our next warehouse sale. @IMKING_Clothing

Alex walked around and passed out ELM beanies to all the happy campers in line.


Look at that throwback piece!

I wouldn’t let them in unless they all smiled for me.

We made it mandatory for everyone to rub “THINGY” before they walked in.

Everyone ran over Sean once the doors opened.

Andrew and his friends were some of the die hard supporters that camped out all night.

Team Lime Truck: Paolo, Mark, and Noah.





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A big shout out to everyone who came out and camped in the cold weather! You are all on another level!

When I was a teenager, I’d camp out with my friends for Jordan releases, LRG sample sales, Game console releases, Black Friday, and more. I’ve met a lot of friends through these experiences. Standing out in the cold all night, my eyes burning from staying up, and being uncomfortable sitting on concrete. It’s the moment where I get inside, pick up my product, and walk out the door is the feeling of victory! Those are the moments that I will always remember… Like being chased by security in the mall, racing others to get to the front of the line, and eating Mcdonald’s breakfast to keep me going.

Those were the things that were frustrating and I knew that people were going to try to camp out at our sale anyways. We began to sleep at the warehouse with everyone during our sales. At previous sales, we would hand out drinks and food to the people who stayed overnight. For this sale I wanted to make the experience more fun! We called out some of our friends and got the gaming stations, movie projectors, popcorn, and gave out some beanies in the morning. Into the night, those nights become long and we hoped these things made it go faster. Thank you to Ernie, NOS, Elm, and The Lime Truck for supporting the event.

I hope everyone enjoyed the most EPIC warehouse sale ever!

Gaming stations as promised!

Big thanks to NOS for always keeping us up during the late night work hours.

Grandmas Boy // Jurassic Park // Star Wars SUCCESS!

They literally camped out.

John Cena’s brother decided to join us for the evening.

Everyone in the office pretty much looked like this.

Security on site! Make sure to check out tomorrow’s blog for full coverage of the warehouse sale.

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