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We were asked by Delta Sigma Pi at UCR to come speak to the students about IMKING. I wanted to come in and not only give advice, but tell them my story. To give them an idea how my life translates in IMKING. It was great to see the students come to hear us speak late in the evening on a night where they could be out partying. They were eager students looking to soak in information and wanting to take their lives to the next level. Alex, Lee, and David also spoke on topics such as marketing, sales, and how we put together the IMKING line. You guys push us to always do our best. With students like this..the future looks bright.

Thank you to Delta Sigma Pi/UCR for having us.

Boawen who put together the event.

The students gave me Mickey Mouse shaped cookies! They did their HW on what I like!

Asap Lee got a plaque! Going platinum!

David doing giveaways during the Q & A.

I’m explaining about how the OSCAR logo came about.

Alex telling kids to put OSCAR into their haircuts.

Be apart of our family.

The awesome funky bunch.


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A while back I blogged about our buddy Jason and his new restaurant, the Playground. The highly anticipated wait has finally come to an end and his restaurant has now gone live. I’ve been there four times since last week and have to say that it has not disappointed me yet. Yes, there will probably be a little wait to get in, but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re a burger fan, then this is a must go to destination spot. Fathers Office?!! Pshh. Jason’s burger and theirs will have their own separate blog some day. If you have a group of friends or want to take a girl out on that first date, you gotta check out this location. Finger food (check!) Food to impress the girl (check!) To describe what kind of people they are, I’ve taken some info from their home page . These people love to make promises, but also ask for YOU to do stuff in return.

We Promise:
To always have people who care cooking your food
To always make everything we can from scratch
To change our menu every week
To use the most outstanding, seasonal produce we can get our hands on
To serve meat from farmers we trust
To involve you, the customer, in as many ways that we know how
To evolve and become the best possible dining establishment we can
To operate at 25% food cost
To serve fantastic beer at fair prices

What We Ask Of You:
Help us grow
Try our renditions of dishes that you don’t usually like
If you are unhappy with something, please speak up and allow us to fix it
Do not complain about the price, cheap food is rarely good food
Accept that we impose a 3% gratuity for our kitchen staff; this is the price for quality
Bring your friends
Come often
Drink up

Those are pretty good promises if you ask me. Who else is changing their menu every week? You might think that I’m being biased just because he’s our friend, but trust me, IM NOT! There’s only one thing to do now for you to believe me. It’s time for you to make the trip out to DTSA and try his 5-star rated restaurant. -Andy Approved.

The Playground
220 E. Fourth Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 560-4444
Initial Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 5:00 p.m. to Close.

He believes that everyone should see how they prepare the food. As you walk by, don’t be shy, give them a wave!

As I arrived, Jason and his amazing team were in a meeting discussing their weekly menu and how it’s going to change the food game.

His whole staff went to get these tattoos before the restaurant opening. “You, Me & All Our Friends”

I have no problem waiting in line as long as this game remains in the building. #PACMAN

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer… take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

Jason and his team are always looking for the finest ingredients to make their dishes unique and playful.

I don’t always eat fruit, but when I do, I eat apples.

For more information about Jason and his restaurant, please visit their website HERE

Congrats on the restaurant!


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When people ask, “Why a store in the OC?” Typically, nobody wants to open a shop in this area. We could have opened in the big city areas, but we opted for our hometown. To have our supporters come out on the day of our opening was a blessing. We welcome everyone to come by and check out the shop. This is another outlet to show and educate everyone on what IMKING is about. Make sure to say hello to SP and Marilyn who run the store. And look out for store exclusives.

We did this for our city.

A little preview of the inside of the store.

Only available at our flagship! iPhone 4/4s cases.

Andy ringing up the first customer.

First customer. #thumbsup

The first 50 people that spent $50 received our custom tote bags with IMKING goods inside.




Exclusive tees for our store.

(Micks Karma Bar) Mike makes a pretty damn good burger!

You’re welcome #McDonalds


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