EURO TRIP: Amsterdam

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Good ‘ol Amsterdam. You hear about it from the movies, from your friends, and everywhere else. And now, you’re going to hear it from me. My expectations were high…very high. Heh. And all of my expectations were filled. From Coffee shops to the infamous Red light district. It’s all there. Smoking weed LEGALLY, pretty awesome. Tried the hash stuff too. Good times and High times. Alcoholic drinking age is 18, but that didn’t matter to me. Since I’m already a quarter of a century old. Being there was just amazing. The red light district is exactly how you would imagine it. The red lights, girls behind curtains, sex shows, all that good stuff for you males and some of you females out there would enjoy. They had signs of no photography but I know I could’ve gotten away with it. Why did I have to obey the signs! WHY?! As of recent, It has been a little bit too tourist-y since everyone and their mom’s and dad’s…especially dad’s, knows about it. Definitely not a girlfriend-friendly type of place since they’re usually grossed out about the prostitutes. Man code, for sure. Plenty of massage parlors out there as well. Having a bad day? end it with a happy ending at your local Amsterdam massage parlor. Yay!

Oh! A-must-try. Fries and Mayo, It’s how the Dutch eat their fries. We tried asking for ketchup, but they didn’t have it. Took some time getting used to, but I dig it.

More places I checked out:
- Heineken Brewery, best beer ever! But only in Amsterdam you can get it freshly brewed. F*CK that imported sh*t. (Not pictured)
- Anne Frank Huis (House), Being there was just amazing, the chills you’d get it, seeing the house, the hidden rooms, cray-cray. (Pictured below) Photography not allowed inside.



EURO TRIP: Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland again? Yes, but in Paris! Ahhhh! You would think I’d be over the Disney stuff by now but nope. Disney or die. As a true fan we had to visit Disneyland in Paris. As much as I hated the people in Paris, Disneyland made it all worth it. Thanks, Walt. USA! USA! Anyways, as you know, our Disneyland has an additional park, California Adventure Park. Paris has a Walt Disney Studios. If you had to compare it, it’s like Universal Studios but PG13. Only part I liked was the Pixar themed rides. They had Toy Story, Cars, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc.,  and Finding Nemo. Tried looking for an “Up” themed one but no luck. It definitely owned ours. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m so used to seeing ours and I’m sure the Parisians feel the same way. It was a nice of change of scenery though. Even with the Carsland coming 2012 Summer for us, the Toy Story section at Walt Disney Studios was still awesome. We always talked about how come they don’t have this ride or that ride in regards of the rest of the Disney characters, but most of them are here. There’s the Genie’s Magic Carpet ride pictured below, and even a Pocahontas Village (Not pictured), it was just a play area so I didn’t bother. Now I’m really curious what Disneyland in Hong Kong, and Tokyo looks like. They copied Universal’s Tour Ride which was super weak. They had a lot of movie themed rides like, Armaggedon Les Effets Speciaux, Rockin’ Rollecoaster Avec Aerosmith, and Moteurs Action! Stunt Show Spectacular (I’m sure you can make out what those rides are without translation). Not the type of Disney I was looking for.

Nothing really seemed Disney-like until we went to the Disneyland Park. One word to best describe the park. EPIC-NESS. The main entrance is ginormous and the castle is MEGATRON huge. I’m sure ours would be epic too if we had more room. Only downside of all of this was the time we got there. We went out the night before so we didn’t get into Disneyland until 5. And the park closed at 8. They had it closed for their Halloween event. But I did manage to get some photos. Enjoy!

RC Car 1:1 Scale. Awesome.

Entrance to Disneyland!

10x better than ours. It goes up-side down!

They don’t have Star Tours 3-D yet but still awesome to see the old one. Just as good!





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Oh Paris, pronounced as Perry. Beautiful city to see but not so beautiful to live in. We Americans really do have it better. If you love AC, give me a yes. If you love ICE, give me a another yes. If you love PERSONAL SPACE (like when they’re so close to you you can hear them blink), give me a HELL YES! The whole el natural thing is true. Not saying all Parisians smell bad but you know at least 1/5 don’t wear deodorant. You’ll notice them in the clubs, you’ll notice them on the trams. No AC on the trams either. Death trap of B.O. I’m glad I yahoo!-ed some, “Things you should know before going to Paris.” Make sure you know the basics in French, since most of them don’t speak English. “Bon jour, Parlez-vous Anglais?” Hi, Do you speak English. Some simple 1-10 should also be at good use. Or hand gestures would work also. My favorite thing about Paris, would be Disneyland Paris. That’s tomorrow’s blog post. See I hate Paris so much I already want to move on to the next blog post. J/k I don’t hate you. I just hate the smell, the no ice, the no deodorant, no ac, and especially the no personal space. All-in-all, beautiful city, still would definitely come back.

Nightlife, these cafe’s are filled shoulder-to-shoulder. Parisians do love to mingle.

Condom trash cans.

No way. When did we remove the Statue of Liberty?

Locks of love. You and your partner bring a lock and lock your love for-ev-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I don’t normally smoke, but when I do. I smoke in Paris. It’s THAT cool. Au revoir bitches.


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