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It’s about that time again! Here’s our first installment of previews for Fall 2, featuring our Weekend Warriors and Havoc tees.

Weekend Warriors:
This tee was created for all the kids out there who live it up on the weekends.
Originally inspired by the lyrics from Ted Nugents epic 1978 track of the same name.

“Finally it’s Friday I’m out of my cage
Two days of freedom are coming for a rage
I go the dances and hit all the bars
On weekends my wages they go just so far”

A simple tee with random symbols and arrows to make it look super tough.
Fake freemason/illuminati symbolism FTW.


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The other week I got the chance to go down and visit my good friend Dj Skee at his new office which is for anything and everything Skee including all his XM RADIO shows. This was my first time visiting Skee since his last office so it was a bit awkward, I mean what is someone suppose to think when they pull into a parking lot with an ice cream truck and a building that looks like it was dipped in water color and the guys painting it lost their ladders? (gasps for air) Now that that tangent of an explanation is done here are some photos to help you visualize my explanation.

The Guys who lost their ladders.

Welcome to SkeeTV.

Its always so nostalgic for me when i get to see so much music memorabilia from some of my favorite artists.

I swear the next Dre album “Detox” is going to be a 6 disc set with 954 songs on it, well at least that’s what I’m expecting after waiting this long.

One of Skee’s Studios.

After a great meeting with Skee I decided to head out to let them get back to work and get ready for Showtime!

If you do ever get the chance to meet or even be in the presence of Skee make sure to have good vibes and a smile on your face because he wont give you any less.  oh and Follow @DJSKEE to get the latest updates on what’s happening!

JP Souza X Digital Skateboarding

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Over the past couple of month’s our very own JP Souza visited his hometown Curitiba, Brazil to film for Digital Skateboarding and Diamond Supply Co. This guy rips and is coming up really fast. Keep an eye out for him.

Digital Shout Out JP Souza from Digital Skateboarding on Vimeo.

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