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Over the weekend, I headed out to Irwindale to check out Formula Drift’s last event of the year, “The Title Fight.” Despite the scorching heat, the turn out was more than what I had expected, with people and cars everywhere. Alongside the race that was happening, Slammed Society had a section to themselves to showcase cars, in which Royal Origin took part of. After watching the first few races, I realized how intense and serious this sport was. The driving was impeccable and not something you can catch on the street. It was really something like out of the movies. With the smell of burnt tires in the air, the noise of the brakes slamming, and witnessing a few crashes here and there, I left with a great new respect for these drivers. Thanks to Ceso and Tina from Formula D and Jean from NOS Energy Drink for inviting us out!

Big thanks to Minh and Yoshi from Royal Origin for supporting IMKING!

Congrats to Yoshi for winning Slammed Society’s best car

Everyone has an off day sometimes…

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