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Other than making rad clothes, we get to travel as well! As a fellow 9-5er, we’re given vacation days off so I took a trip to Europe. This week I will write 5, yes FIVE! Five dollar foot longggggg…blog posts about my awesome EUROPEAN trip. Destination number one is London, Great Britain/UK, whatever you want to call it. They have the red telephone booths, the red two-story buses and everyone uses them, no one drives. Trust me, it’s the best way to get around. They had major construction going on due to the Olympics. Yes, I did not know either. London will hold the 2012 Summer Olympics this coming year.

We also took a trip to the Stonehenge, and the city of Bath. Amazing. It’s true it’s a bunch of rocks…but how did it get there? It has to be Extraterrestrial. Huge Ancient Aliens fan here. I’m a believer. The City of Bath was amazing, the whole city was made from a special limestone, and if you wanted to build anything it had to be from that limestone. Wikipedia it.

“Isn’t that from the “Fantastic Four” movie?”…What an American.

“Didn’t V blow up the Parliamant?” …stupid, that wasn’t real.

No Comment.

Expecto Patronum! Yeah, I asked Jeeves. And what.

-Tron-mas from Euro-Grid


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Last week we held a pumpkin carving contest with Insomniac to see who could carve our logo, Oscar, the best. The winner received a pair of tickets to Insomniac’s, Escape From Wonderland. Below are some carvings of some on the contestants that entered our contest. We want to say thanks to everyone that entered and a big thank you to Insomniac for teaming up with us to give two lucky people tickets to last nights sold out event.

Everyone have a safe and great HALLOWEEN!

And the winner of our contest goes to this pumpkin below. Congrats to Cam and her lucky friend!


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Check out The Game wearing our Limited Red Oscar New Era at his recent trip to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Make sure to also pick up his latest project The Red Album and watch this pre show interview where he talks about his new Song “Pot of Gold” with Chris Brown HERE.


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