The Man Cave

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The other week i was invited to Dj a special event in Orange county that definitely caught me off guard. I got a phone call saying that they would be unveiling a ferrari and that they needed some music to vibe to for a couple hours and of course I couldn’t say anything else but YES! They were really secretive about where it was and exactly who it was for so I didn’t exactly know what i was getting into. When i showed up to the venue the only thing that the building said on the outside was “The Man Cave”, later that night I found out why. The whole time I was there I was under the impression that it was some fancy showroom for classic and high end cars, boy was i wrong, at the end of my gig i was informed that this place was some gentlemen’s private getaway from normal life, his “Man Cave” and everything in there was his. Hopefully one day I can Dj my own Man Cave party, now on to the photos.

the left side of his garage.

Gaming section.

His drivers car.

A few classics.


The reason why i was there.



catching up

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If I could compare MAGIC to anything, I would have to say it’s like one big high school reunion. Well actually, I haven’t been to mine yet, so I’m just assuming that this is what it would feel like. You get to see the new and the old friends that you’ve made throughout the past years and have the opportunity to chat it up with them on their down time. It’s refreshing to have a face to face conversation with someone instead of always being behind the computer emailing or sending texts on your phone. Overall, the show has been great for us and we can’t wait to unveil next years collection along with some of the collaborations that we’ve been working on for the past year..

This is Waturo. He’s one of our distributors in Japan.

“My name is Jovan and I like to party” Kid Robot

Ryan Breezy Excursion .

Andreas The Well Versed

Gary’s the man behind some of the great designs over at Flud Watches .

Lenin (Puma) was one of the few that actually helped us out in the beginning with trade shows.

DJ Paul

George Michaels and David


Another form of art.

Thomas’ version of art.

Oh Barnacles!

game plan

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The team meeting up before the big day ahead of us. Check back later for some live updates about day one at MAGIC.

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