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This past weekend the XGAMES were in town and of course we could not miss out on such an eventful experience where some of the most acrobatic tricks that seem impossible to land be conquered. Fortunately for us our good dudes from at EVOL FOODS were in town and just so happened to be catering the athletes lounge which was private mainly open to riders only. Luckily for us we were able to snatch us a couple of badges that got us access to anywhere and everywhere within the XGAMES which you definitely know we took full advantage of! Special S/O to my dude Chris for showing us an amazing time.

Animal Chin


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Most events are fun to take pictures of, but music festivals are probably the most fun for me. Watching people shuffle is entertaining for me to watch, but being able to see the hundreds of expressions on everyone’s faces is priceless. You get to see the sad, the overly intoxicated, the confused, the bored, the crazy, the thousand yard stare…….etc. I was on a mission and one mission all night….. to find the kid that was having the best time of his life. We’ll call that person, “the one”. I started by walking up and down the pit in search for the happiest person in the crowd. Everyone was having a great time, but nobody in particular stood out. So I continued my search to other stages but got distracted by all the amazing artists performing. This year’s lineup included: Diplo, Crystal Castles, Major Lazer, The Cool Kids, AC Slater, Chiddy Bang, Daedelus, AraabMUZIK and many more. Props to everyone. Anyways, the night was coming to an end and I still hadn’t have found “the one”. I heard that Wolfgang was closing the night out so I headed over to the main stage to catch his performance. My battery was almost out and I was snapping all the last minute photos I could take. I did one last run down the pit in hope of finding “the one”. As I was midway through I noticed this kid shaking his head back and forth like he was at a hardcore show and fist pumping better than the cast of Jersey Shore. I stood in front of him and tried asking him his name. He had no reply. All he could do was stare at the DJ and rage.

Thank you Insomniac for giving us the opportunity to cover another great event that we can mark down for the books.



Kind of reminds you of Chris Pontius in his “Party Boy” days right?

DJ Craze

Super8 & Tab


Crystal Castles

Club 33

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To all my fellow Disney fans, you should all be familiarize with this number or should I say club. Heh. I was lucky enough to be invited to celebrate my friend’s anniversary. And since we’re still in July, we celebrated my birthday as well. Club 33 is one of those things you’d wish to go to, but impossible to get in due to it’s exclusivity. There is a 14 year wait list for membership and it is closed to new additions. It only allows 487 members. Members pay an initiation fee of $27,500 (if they are a corporation) or $10,450 (for individuals). On top of that, they pay annual fees of about $6,100 or $3,275, respectively (Thanks, Wiki). Even the cast members (employees) don’t have the privilege to dine here. I didn’t really care for the food, but rather went for the experience. And to be allowed to drink legally? I couldn’t turn down the offer. Oh, and some friends stopped by too. Enjoy!

Unlimited lobster? No biggy.

The homies came to show some love.





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