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Most people go to the fair for the overly expensive/unbeatable games, shifty rides, deep fried food, etc., but we went for one reason and one reason only……FOOD TRUCKS! Oh yeah, and to enter Kimo into a hot dog eating contest. It was kind of random how we got ourselves into that one. Our friends over at Dogzilla were hosting the event and decided to give us a last minute call right before the contest began to see if anyone was up for the challenge. I tried asking everyone in the office to enter, but they’re all trying to eat healthy for some reason. I would have done it, but someone’s gotta take the pictures of someone barfing. I kept asking around until any brave soul would answer to my call. Good ol’ Kimo stepped up to the plate and entered into the contest for us. I honestly thought he had a chance of winning until I saw who he sat next to. He was up against some of the most beastly competitors that had this look in their eyes like they hadn’t eaten for days. The obvious occurred and Kimo was defeated, but at least that’s something he gets to mark off the bucket list!

Only if Kimo would have trained with Takeru Kobayashi , then maybe he would have had a chance…

For some reason, I don’t trust rides like the ones above and below anymore. I feel like a bolt is going to come loose and I’ll fly out of my seat and break something.

David’s favorite ride. He loves #creepin.

Deep Fried Kool-Aid…… did not live up to the hype.


If you see this green guy around, then you know Dogzilla’s nearby.

James, Martin (DOGZILLA) , Food Specialist


Looks are very deceiving because this guy KO’d after one hot dog.

It was surprising to see a packed house for a hot dog eating contest.


There’s always next year KIMO!

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