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I’ve always enjoyed the idea of dunk tanks but never got the chance to actually see one in action, thankfully our good friends over at Cashmere and 2DopeBoyz decided to throw a bbq, not only was there a dunk tank but there was lots of free food, drinks and a bunch of your favorite rappers.

Apparently this little girl had some personal vendetta with Shake (2DopeBoyz). She had this angry face and probably threw the ball at least 15 times.

Shake got a little cocky and decided to stand up and point at everyone, obviously you know that my next sentence is going to be about how the next 4 throws were ones that got him dumped in the tank.

There were so many people there that it just got tiring trying to grab everyone for a photo so if you can find them there are a few people who you may know including Hit-Boy(Surf Club), Kent Money (Surf Club), El Prez, Kendrick Lamar, Young De, Tiron and many many more.

Free Tacos!

Free Shaved Ice!

Thurzday, who i must say is about to drop some amazing music. #92crew

Eazee (Cashmere), Alex, Shake (2DopeBoyz)

Thanks again Cashmere and 2DopeBoyz for letting us be a part of such a great event.



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