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“Shop Light” Interview questions:

The Fresh Yard

1. Tell us a little about your store.

The Fresh Yard was opened in November of 2010.   There are three owners.   Myself, my younger brother and our partner Mike…whom we consider a brother anyway.   We didn’t really open The Fresh Yard in a very conventional location.  It’s in an industrial area with little to no foot traffic, and because of that we thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore “The Fresh Yard” concept.  We knew we wanted to have a very large web presence and at the same time wanted The Fresh Yard to be a place where everyone can come to connect and network with each other…very much like a neighborhood play yard or neighborhood park.   So being in an industrial area is perfect for that.    We have a huge parking lot that we can hold events without getting complaints from the neighbors.  We currently have a monthly BBQ on the 1st Saturday of every month, which brings out lots of our friends, family, artists, djs, bboys and musicians.  The music, food, drinks and ice cream are all on us at the event.  The ice cream truck we bring in for the event is a big hit every time.   In short, The Fresh Yard is a progressive streetwear boutique that carries selective apparel and accessories for men and women.  Beyond our shop and brand, we focus our energy on community and providing a fun place for everyone to connect and network.


2. How did you get the shop name The Fresh Yard?

The reverse of “the junk yard”.   Haha!  Actually, The Fresh Yard is a concept my brother has been working on for years now.   The influence is our early years growing up in the 80’s and 90’s urban culture…particularly music, hip hop and graffiti.  Although our influences are from the 80’s and 90’s, the brands we carry are very current.  If you see our store you will see that we purposely designed it to look like a play yard.  We have old boomboxes from the eighties on display.  We have a picnic table we use as a display table, metal pipes we put together from Home Depot to represent monkey bars and a huge painting on our wall, as you walk in, of a tree that we use to hang shoes from…like how you would see shoes hanging in a tree or a telephone wire in the neighborhood…its also great for displaying the shoes we carry.


3. I know that music is a heavy influence for you guys so in what ways were you able to incorporate that into the store?

Music is a huge part of our lives.  All of us, and a lot of our friends are all either dj, produce, sing or rap.  My brothers and I are heavily influenced by all genres of music…particularly hip hop, soul, jazz and raggae.  My brother also has a indie hip hop record label call 3sixty5 Records  Check them out!  We have a custom-built dj booth in our store.  We carry mixtapes, cds, headphones and soon dj essentials like needles, slipmats, cross faders…etc.  We release a new mixtape for store every 2 to 3 months.   It’s free with a purchase.  The current mixtape was featured on Mixcrate and a couple of other blogs.


4. If we were to spend a day with you in San Diego what would you take us to do?

I would ask you to come on the 1st Saturday of the month for our monthly party and enjoy some free music, BBQ, drinks and ice cream with us.   Then we grab some food/dinner at either Smash Burger, Neighborhood or Lucha Libre Tacos before we hang out at Bar Dynamite for the after party.

5. What’s in store for the future of the Fresh Yard?

Right now we are in our discovery stage…this business forces you to learn really fast.  Future plans include our own line…naturally right?  However, at the moment we are mainly focusing on launching our full e-commerce website, creating media content and trying to do everything the right way so we can keep the inspirations flowing.


7. Your favorite place to party?

Really don’t have a favorite place to party…it’s all the same don’t you think?  How about favorite types of parties?  We love day parties with soul music influence…hip hop, r&b, soul, neo soul, raggae, soulful house…etc.  Feel good music you know!

8. Be honest, when’s the last time you visited Mexico and what did you do?

Honestly, the last time was many years ago and I was on a cruise with my girlfriend at the time.   However, my business partner goes there a lot.  I can’t really divulge his business like that…at least not on paper.  Haha!

9. Favorite piece to date from IMKING?

Favorite piece is a black t-shirt Chris Ngo gave me in Vegas during Magic.  All black…even the screen printing.  Not sure the name.  I am really digging everything coming out lately.  Been rocking the “Extra Credit” tee a bunch.


If you are in San Diego, be sure to visit our good friends over at The Fresh Yard!

- Alex

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