IMKING: Origins

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Here’s a story I’ve never explained on the site:

When we first started IMKING, the Oscar logo you come to know and love was not the original logo. Brian came up with what came to be our first attempt at a brand logo. He actually didn’t want to use it but Polo and I liked it and decided to move forward with it. Looking at that logo now is kind of like looking at an old picture of yourself and saying “What was I thinking dressing like that?”.

So there we were at our first Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas with our first logo printed on all our labels ready to take over the world. Then, all day people kept saying that the IM looked like a fork. We knew right then and there that we needed to go back to drawing board. Still till this day those same people joke around and refer to us as “Fork King”.

Brian then came up with the “IK” logo which is our initials designed as a Roman Numeral. It was clean and simple. We ended up using this logo for our second and third season.

One day someone noticed that if you rotated the “IK” logo, it kind of looked like a face. Alex started sketching and added horns to the top and teeth between the I and K. Oscar was born and we were pretty excited. Like us he was hungry, edgy and aggressive.

We named him Oscar because to us he represents both sides of the spectrum. Starting from the bottom like Oscar the Grouch who lives in a trash can and climbing your way to the top and winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards. We at IMKING have made it out of the “trash can” because of hard work, dedication, passion, and the loyal support of fans. This is what Oscar represents. Be like Oscar.

Summer Style Guide: 1

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Here is the first installment of our Summer style guide starring the “Tempest” Board Shorts and “Ceres” Tank.

Whether you’re planning on hitting the pool or planning a day at the beach, the “Tempest” Board short (pictured above in black) is the perfect item to have on hand. As you can see, it has a subtle diamond pattern all over the shorts that is topped off by our “Cursive” logo on the right leg, along side a thigh and back pocket big enough to fit your cell phone and wallet just incase you decide to wear it all day.

Next we have our “Ceres” Tank, another great piece and hands down a company favorite is another great item to pick up for summer. This two tone tank has is highlighted by Oscar’s chomper teeth across the front and IMKING branded across the back. The “Ceres” is also available in black .

Be sure to head to your local IMKING retailer to pick these up!

Get out and Go Skate!

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Every year millions of skateboarders celebrate one day out of the year to go skateboarding. Although skateboarders skate almost everyday, it’s just another way of getting with your friends and Go Skateboarding. So take this day to spend time with your love…. Skateboarding.

To find an event near you visit

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