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Growing up my life was always heavily influenced by the competitive nature of sports and experiencing the unknown factor of not being able to project the overall outcome of a game was always suspenseful. I’ve always admired athletes for the overload amount of hard work one can endure but, what I found the most impressive is when an athlete finds the time to get back to their roots and create better opportunities for those pursing the same goals that a child dreams of. Frostee Ruckers who is the defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals who is also a home town hero in the City of Tustin where he attended high school, decided to spent his time wisely during this NFL lock out, by giving back to his community. Frostee assembled a basketball team of celebrities to host the very fist annual “Tustin’s Finest Celebrities Basketball Game” which, ultimately contributed to raising money for Tustin High’s athletic department. We had the honor of being one of the sponsors for such a successful event.

Words By: Matagi

Thanks to this man for shattering the backboard during warm ups which then lead to a half court game

Ice T’s son
Note:not sure if its a good look to have your shirt off around 22 NFL athletes, just sayin

Keith Rivers in the building…gotta stay hydrated ya!

Frostee always looking fresh rockin IMKING to compliment his J’s

A special S/O to Rebecca who creates all the magic behind the scenes.

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